Welcome to Eco Chateau

Situated in the serene countryside of Basse-Normandie, Eco Chateau offers a new approach to work placement opportunities, training and holidays.  We are a welcoming team of people restoring a beautiful 18th Century Chateau and our intention is to develop the ‘Eco Chateau’ with sympathy for both its heritage and ecological impact into a sustainable and environmentally friendly place to stay, learn and work in this beautiful area of France. Eco Chateau seeks to develop a harmonious, productive and deeply rewarding relationship with the natural environment and local communities.

Eco Chateau provides a distinctive experience to our visitors, offering sensitivity for the way we interact with our planet and build our social relationships. We are pro-active in reducing our carbon impact and our ultimate aim is to achieve a negative carbon footprint. We believe that by working together and in harmony with the environment in all our areas of activity, we will achieve this.

We hope the time that you spend visiting us at Eco Chateau will be inspiring, educational, fulfilling and above all – fun!

eco chateau outside